A Passionate Journey of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


A dynamic and visionary entrepreneur known for his relentless pursuit of innovation and his ability to transform ideas into successful ventures. With a diverse background in technology, business, and design, Roman continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.

Entrepre­neurial Milestones

Celebrating the pivotal moments that shaped my entrepreneurial journey and ignited my passion for innovation. Join me on a timeline of milestones that reflect the transformative experiences and significant achievements throughout my career.

2010 - 2012

Event Management

Successfully managed an event management agency, delivering memorable experiences and building a strong foundation in the industry.

2011 - 2013

Software Developer

Worked as a software developer in an industry company, honing technical skills and gaining insights into software development life cycles.

2013 - 2015

Project Manager

Transitioned into project management within a large industry company, demonstrating leadership and ensuring successful project delivery.

2013 - 2015

Project Manager

Transitioned into project management within a large industry company, demonstrating leadership and ensuring successful project delivery.

2015 - 2017


Served as a change management and training consultant, guiding organizations through transformations and delivering comprehensive training programs in diverse international business IT projects.

2015 - now


Established REFIVE as a leading full-service agency in Switzerland, specializing in branding, graphic design, web and marketing. Successfully delivered high-quality solutions to numerous clients, positioning REFIVE as a trusted partner in the industry.


Bachelor of Science

Completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, acquiring a solid academic foundation to support technological advancements in future endeavors.

2018 - now


Established a software development company specializing in innovative web and mobile app solutions, driving digital transformation for businesses.

2018 - now

Web3 Innovations

Ventured into the exciting realm of web3 technologies, exploring blockchain, decentralized finance, and pioneering groundbreaking projects.

2019 - now

Legaltech Startup

Co-Founded a legaltech startup, leveraging technology to revolutionize the legal industry and streamline processes for legal professionals and clients.

2020 - now

Tech Startups

Introduced several tech startups, focusing on market gaps and disrupting industries through innovative solutions.

2021 - now

Scaling and Growth

Focused on scaling and expanding businesses, nurturing strategic partnerships, and achieving significant milestones for sustainable growth.


DeFi and Web3

Launched a decentralized finance platform and other web3 projects, embracing the potential of blockchain and revolutionizing financial systems.


Venture Exits

Experienced successful exits of selected ventures, realizing the value created and validating the business acumen in building successful ventures.





Embark on a journey through a diverse portfolio of companies and projects that showcase commitment to innovation, disruption, and creating meaningful impact. Explore the dynamic range of ventures that reflect passion for pushing boundaries and shaping the future of various industries.


Versatile expertise from a diverse range of roles. Founder of successful ventures. Advisor for digital transformation. Investor in cutting-edge projects. Partner in groundbreaking initiatives.

Spearheaded multiple successful ventures across various industries, from full-service agencies to Web3 startups.


Provide expert guidance and strategic insights to businesses seeking to embrace digital transformation and emerging technologies.


Empower promising startups and invest in cutting-edge projects that challenge established norms and reshape industries for the future.


Collaborate with visionary individuals and organizations to co-found groundbreaking initiatives that push the boundaries of innovation.